I am delighted to be showing again within the MÓTI collective at the Pier Art Centre. The show runs until the 10th of March, including newer members showing for the first time, making it a diverse and interesting show.

The show is called Drawing Routes - experimentation in the art and act of drawing, members were asked to consider approaches and interpretation to drawing. Over the last year I have been researching and experimenting with natural dyeing techniques, bringing the landscape into the studio. For Drawing Routes I used collage fabric and thread, dyed using planets and vegetables found within the environment around me, to create an abstract landscape.  

We had a post written about the collective on Orkney.com, please see the link below, along with the MÓTI instagram account where you can see information and images about members. It's wonderful to be part of this collective, to have the opportunity to support one another.  MÓTI will be showing again at the Old Archives in Kirkwall in April, and I'm currently under way with this work. 



Thank you to the Pier Art Centre team, and MÓTI collective members