Shaping the void

If you had the chance to see the show you will have an idea of my thoughts behind the work. 

The Japanese concept of Ma means in practice, is that of the more ordinary, even poorer, that is taken from formal Japanese flower arrangement, Ikebana.  Where not only the flowers are considered beautiful the spaces between the flower are part of ma. It is said that the Zen mind is empty and the space is full of imagination. Zen cherishes one-off events where objects are experiences. This void translates into an understanding of open spaces, which are not considered empty. Orkney’s landscape is vast and in many respects appears empty, lending the artist a blank canvas to project ideas, inspiring creativity.

The Sea and Land of Orkney are measurably ripe for these discoveries. Looking at spaces between things, thoughts, objects, breaths, movement there are fields that exists where we think there is nothing, space between objects, space between movements.  Space is always still and silent, but this silent vibrates energy.

And finally I would like to thank the Pier Art Centre team, for their encouragement over the last few months and with the show. THANK YOU