My first solo show, ku-kan opened in Glasgow on the 1st of February, a day after the Full moon in Leo and a Lunar eclipse, great energy to open a show. The show is called ku-kan which is a Japanese word meaning 'empty void' although there are many words in Japanese for empty this composition is more magical, and expresses movement within the space. The work responds to the changing light throughout the day, which is an important element to my work.

The shadows and light illustrates the gentle ebb and flow of how we are in transience within the fabric of the environment. I'm using natural dyed fabric using everyday plants and vegetables from the landscape. The work holds a feeling of time, it is an invitation for the view to contemplate their presence within the landscape, and an indication of the time I spend observing the patterns, colours, movement and seasonal rhythm of the view from where I live.



Many thanks to the WASPS team, especially Gemma, Dan and David.