Of Land and Sea

I have just shown work again within the Moti collective at the Old Library in Kirkwall. The theme for this exhibition the group selected Folklore, artists were to  encouraged to explore Orkney's past stories,  interpenetrating selected stories that best represented their individual practice. This gave us the opportunity to make new work, and for some the opportunity to apply experimental ideas for new work. 

The work ’between the eternal and the temporal’ considers how patterns from the past are repeated. The words from ballads and folktales are told again and again over time, and are still relevant within a contemporary context, with a need to make stories to understand the world. The repetition of the everyday, shadows and light inside us are reflected in the landscape.  Illustrating the ebb and flow of how we are in transience. I have collected materials from the landscape and naturally dyed the threads. The silk is a collection of images from the sky, which have been digitally printed to create an abstract image.


Participating artists: Kari Adams, Louise Barrington, Susan Boyd, Kerrianne Flett, Calum Gillies, Kristyn Grieve, May Grieve, Frances Scott and Sigurd Smith.