Louise Barrington

Louise graduated from both the Slade School of Fine Art within the sculpture department, and Central Saint Martins where she practised Textile Design, lending her designs a unique combination of skill-sets. Having returned to the Orkney Islands to set up her studio producing conceptual one-off pieces of artworks, she is carrying on this conversation through her textiles with a production of luxury scarves made from silk. More recently Louise has completed a PgDip in Island Studies at the University of the Highlands and Islands.


The work essentially abstract, evoking remembered characteristics experienced in the landscape. Form, line, pattern and colour are translated in a lyrical and poetic way into works that are currently wall based, with structural elements that expand three- dimensionally. A fundamental component in the installation of works is the introduction of lighting that extends the work further into the space that it inhabit through the creation of a series of shadows. Louise's approach to understanding landscape, she is interested in the concept and misinterpretation of ‘emptiness’ with an open spaces. Translated into the work, the void becomes an equally positive space for projection of ideas and an expression of the limitlessness of possibilities.